From all around the world, Nest Royal opens the door to individuals and corporate entities who are willing to take part in product distribution.

To ensure that everyone has a fair share of life, our partners and distributors' packages are designed to acommodate everyone irrespective of your financial disposition. In place of that, we take committment and business attitutde more seriously.

Below are some of the requirements you must meet to become a distributor, there is no other formal screening exercise outside self reflection on the underlisted requirements. If you consider yourself worthy of becoming a partner/distributor, click on any of the links at the bottom of this page to apply.

Note: Applicants from new cities/areas are automatically made a major distributor, however, privileges can be withdrawn/waved/altered subject to company's board of directors'/committee on marketing and distribution resolution without prior notice.

Distributor's and Partner's Requirements

1. Must be a good ambassador of Nest Royal wine and other of its products.
2. Must have a good storage outfit suitable for wine stocking.
3. Must demonstrate willingness to promote and market Nest Royal products.
4. Must be ready to make a minimum distributor's deposit/fee.
5. Must be accountable to all supplied good at all time.


1a. Click to visit distributor's form page.
1b. Click to visit partner's form page.
2. Open form with MS Word 2007 and above version only.
3. Fill all fields electronically using MS Word 2007 and above, save changes.
4. Send the duely completed form as attachment to the email provided on bottom of the form.
Do not print or scan this form, we will not accept any scanned or printed form.

FYI: Forms can only be filled electronically using Microsoft Word 2007 and above versions. Submission is via email address provided at the bottom of the form.